“Celerity is a top-notch organization that reinvests in their business.  They have first class facilities, vehicles, equipment and personnel, yet they continually re-commit to improving the services they provide to their customers.  Truly a great company to work with!” – David N. Zmijewski, PE, Vice President, GTA

News 15 Years of Celerity

October 02


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Celerity Integrated Services, Inc. is celebrating fifteen years of prosperous business in the telecommunication industry. Deron Leight of Celerity states, “Celerity is proud to celebrate our fifteen year anniversary today.  While we have come a very long way in fifteen years, we will continue to strive for excellence and provide our customers with the highest level of service and quality.  Celerity is incredibly appreciative to our loyal customers and the dedication of our hard working employees.”

Celerity would like to extend a thank you to our incredible team of employees for their years of service and those who have supported us in our fifteen year journey. 
​Thank you all!