"Celerity has always offered a great value by being proactive in understanding all facets of a fiber project for the customer. I know they will stand behind their work, not only as a company, but as professional individuals that are respected and known throughout the industry.”  - Michael Starner, Comcast Business

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December 14


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Celerity is pleased to announce a joint partnership with AFL within their CLi program (Certified Link Installer).
As stated from the CLi Certification Information, “AFL is an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of fiber optic products and services. AFL is the first telecommunications company to offer a lifetime warranty on end-to-end fiber optic systems. We partner with system integrators that possess the same quality of workmanship as we do at AFL." Through our workmanship and partnership with AFL, we will achieve the ability to provide our customers with a higher level of service.

We thank AFL and look forward to our future partnership!

To view the AFL CLi Certification Information click here.