“Celerity is a top-notch organization that reinvests in their business.  They have first class facilities, vehicles, equipment and personnel, yet they continually re-commit to improving the services they provide to their customers.  Truly a great company to work with!” – David N. Zmijewski, PE, Vice President, GTA

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February 18


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Another exciting event at Celerity has been an almost year long process of fine tuning Celerity’s branding message that has resulted in 4 new sales peripherals, modified logos, office design elements, an LED ribbon display for the PPL center, an LED billboard display and culminated in the launch of the all new website. 

While the marketing project has been both challenging and rewarding, we couldn’t have done it without the help of the wonderful people at Smithworks and their shared passion for taking pride in their workmanship.  At the onset of the project, there was no doubt that we would enlist the help of Smithworks Design—the same group that had helped us with our initial branding project nearly 7 years ago.

In the 12 year evolution of Celerity, our quality driven, customer-centric approach has not wavered yet our company has grown in the scope of services that we provide.  With that increase of capability, Celerity has expanded the breadth of the customers that we are able to serve.  The project of refreshing Celerity’s brand to add further clarity into who we are, what we do and for whom we do it has been a project that has forced us to assess ourselves and how we want to convey that message to the world.