“Celerity is a top-notch organization that reinvests in their business.  They have first class facilities, vehicles, equipment and personnel, yet they continually re-commit to improving the services they provide to their customers.  Truly a great company to work with!” – David N. Zmijewski, PE, Vice President, GTA

News Celerity Gives Thanks!

November 03


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November is the month of giving thanks. Not only is Celerity thankful for its vendors, customers, support system and everyone in between- we're thankful for the employees. We asked our employees to share what they are thankful for in this giving season and in return, gifted Celerity merchandise to random participants. We want to share with you what our employees are thankful for by posting an image each day leading up to Thanksgiving. Celerity hopes that you enjoy the month of November and the holiday!
The images below have been routinely updated to our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ media accounts daily with the hashtag #celeritygivesback, as well as below. Congratulations to Jason, Darren, Liz and Lisa for winning merchandise!

"Celerity is extremely thankful for all of our wonderful and hardworking employees. We are proud to regard them as part of the Celerity family. It is truly our dedicated employees that have built Celerity's success. Thank you," stated Deron Leight, Vice President of Celerity!