Celerity was a major key to the successful completion of the Federally Funded $130 Million Keystone Initiative Network Based Education and Research (KINBER) Statewide Network in Pennsylvania. Technicians were well qualified, deliverables were comprehensive and well organized.  They achieved the low tolerance specifications in a compressed schedule with the experience achieved through their decades of service.” - Joe Pankuch, Director of Engineering, Sunesys, LLC

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February 18


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Smithworks and Celerity’s vision for the website was one of a large-scale graphic of what we do and more importantly to capture what sets us apart from our competitors—our employees and the quality work they perform. 

During the initial planning stages it became evident that we would need a professional photographer to document the services that we provide and Smithworks Design turned to Gini Woy Photography as a trusted source to capture those images.  The construction trades are not often regarded as artistic or beautiful but we are truly impressed with the images that Gini was able to capture through her photography.  We were even further impressed in seeing the website take shape through the careful crafting of the people at Smithworks.  We hope you enjoy the website and the photos as much as we are proud to share it with you.  We would welcome your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.