Celerity was a major key to the successful completion of the Federally Funded $130 Million Keystone Initiative Network Based Education and Research (KINBER) Statewide Network in Pennsylvania. Technicians were well qualified, deliverables were comprehensive and well organized.  They achieved the low tolerance specifications in a compressed schedule with the experience achieved through their decades of service.” - Joe Pankuch, Director of Engineering, Sunesys, LLC

News Happy Memorial Day from Celerity

May 26


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We gather on Memorial Day to honor and pay our respects to the individuals who have sacrificed themselves for our nation. The day after the American Civil War was deemed Decoration Day where flowers were placed upon fallen soldier’s graves. Today, we continue this practice of placing flowers, wreaths and flags on this day of remembrance.
Although Memorial Day is considered the unofficial beginning of the summer, Celerity wants to take a moment to appreciate and remember the sacrifices made by our military service veterans, members, and their families.